How print can build trust with your customers

The quality of your business stationery such as business cards can impact the way a customer views your business. How?

Well there are many different types of business cards available from budget business cards printed on a 250gsm card stock to premium business cards printed on a 450gsm heavy card stock with added effects such as Scodix, Foil or Embossing. Why go for the more expensive premium option? We have a very limited amount of time to build a favourable impression with a potential customer, so everything matters! If you give a potential customer a cheap, flimsy business card, this will immediately cause that same potential customer to judge your business the same way. The same can be said when you hand out a quality business card. 

Think about it this way, is it worth risking a negative impression of a potential customer to save between 10 to 20 cents on a card?


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